The Apprentice view on the National Minimum Wage increase 2015

The largest ever increase in the National Minimum Wage for Apprentices kicked in on 1st October 2015, with a 57p per hour increase to £3.30 per hour for Apprentices aged 16-18 and those over 19 in the first year of their Apprenticeship. 

So what do Apprentices think about the increase? We asked our Apprenticeship Ambassadors, who are all current or recent Apprentices in Oxfordshire. Here’s what they have to say...

“I think it’s great that the minimum wage has increased and that people have recognised that it was too low before. However, for young people who are doing a day job and who may be doing just as much work as others I do still think it is a low wage!”  Lucy, Business Admin, Oxford City Council

“I do think it’ll help people to consider an Apprenticeship, but it just isn’t enough. I think when setting the standard of pay, we need to consider the qualification that the Apprentice is doing and also the level of their Apprenticeship. I personally don’t see why Apprentices should be paid less than somebody that has gone into full-time work.”  Helen, Customer Services, British Gas Business

“I think this is great news - when I started my Apprenticeship, I was on £2.60 per hour. It’s good to see the wage rising and just shows how positive Apprenticeships are and how they are becoming more well known to employers.”  Laura, Business Admin, Cherwell District Council

“I would say that the increase is a welcome one, as some Apprenticeship schemes can be poorly paid for the workload they expect. The increase is a good step into Apprenticeships trying to catch back up with full time employment, as this needs to be seen as an alternative to just going to work in a supermarket for a decent wage, rather than below these types of jobs.”  Ashley, Communications, Oxfordshire County Council

“I think the minimum wage should be increased as having an Apprentice is invaluable to the organisation, which should be reflected in the salary to increase interest of young people doing one. Also once qualified and to the organisation’s discretion, I think Apprentices should go onto a full wage as another employee doing the same role as I feel they put in the equal amount of work and do the same job as anyone else.”  Steph, Business Admin, Oxford City Council