Introducing Barclays, Apprenticeship Employer Award (50+ employees) sponsor

We are delighted to introduce Barclays as the sponsor of the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards 2019 Apprenticeship Employer Award (50+ employees). Head of Mid Corporate, Thames Valley, Trevor French explains why Apprenticeships are so important to Barclays and why they are sponsoring this Award...

Tell us about your organisation’s experience of Apprenticeships

As a large Apprenticeship employer ourselves, Barclays has been recruiting Apprentices since 2012. Our programmes have internally has been incredibly impactful. As a business, we continue to invest in talent and experience, but our Apprentices are recruited based on potential. This means we have removed formal qualifications and experience criteria. We have also removed age restrictions. In turn our programmes are one of the many ways we are increasing accessibility and inclusion. 

Barclays has a strong culture of diversity and inclusiveness. In a culture where often great emphasis is placed on more traditional educational/classroom based qualifications, we see Apprenticeships as giving people an opportunity to seek success and shine. We have helped develop, nurture and grow the skills and talents of all of our Apprentices, ensuring they continue on a pathway to a successful career.

Why are you supporting the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards?

We are proud once again to sponsor the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards and this year the large employer award. At Barclays, we strive to be a forward thinking bank as evident by our wide range of Apprenticeships, from foundation to master’s level, allowing Apprentices to earn whilst they learn. Being part of these Awards helps us to raise awareness of the opportunities Apprentices have, whatever their background, to achieve far-reaching skills, experience and insight not only within financial services, but many other sectors across the region.

For the last two years, we have sponsored the Intermediate Apprentice Award and have been blown away by the standard of entries! As a large employer of Apprentices ourselves, we know how much an organisation needs to put in to their Apprenticeship scheme to make it a success. We are looking forward to the opportunity to meet other large employers and recognise the contribution they make to Apprenticeships.

The Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards 2019 are open for entries and nominations until midnight on Friday 25th January. See the Awards page for details. Join us for Oxfordshire Apprenticeships Hour (#OAHour) from 1pm every Thursday for latest on the Awards and join in the conversation using the hashtag #OAAwards2019.