Introducing Blenheim, Special Recognition Award sponsor

We are delighted to introduce Blenheim as the sponsor of the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards 2019 Special Recognition Award. HR Manager Megan Carter explains why Apprenticeships are so important to Blenheim and why they are sponsoring this Award....

Tell us about your organisation’s experience of Apprenticeships

Blenheim Palace attracts visitors from around the world and is a filming location, a venue for weddings and events, as well as a producer and supplier of Natural Mineral Water. Blenheim Estate is rich in forestry and farming practices, a landowner and construction business with a portfolio of residential and commercial properties. 

It’s also a place where Apprenticeships are valued, with a 10-year plan in place to employ 100 Apprentices in all areas across the Estate, ensuring they are part of day to day life.

Joining the Blenheim Palace Apprenticeship scheme offers you a unique chance to gain hands-on work experience at one of the country's most iconic World Heritage Sites, as well as achieve industry-recognised qualifications. Each year we welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors and are looking for motivated, enthusiastic and positive young people to get involved in national heritage as a career and help provide the best experience possible for them.

At Blenheim Palace, amongst the historical monuments and noteworthy exhibitions, the team bring every element of the business to life; a business that extends to a wider Estate and welcomes anyone with a keen interest in Property, Building & Contracting, Farming, Land Management and much more. We even produce and sell our own mineral water, which comes from a natural spring on the Estate itself. Teams that take on Apprentices include: Marketing, Gardens, Rural Management, Maintenance, Operations, Game, Retail and the Bottling Plant.

Tell us why you’re supporting the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards

The Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards are a fantastic way of highlighting how successful Apprentice programmes can be to local businesses. It’s so important to celebrate the successes of what these Apprentices achieve individually as well as raising awareness of how vital it is for local firms and businesses to support apprenticeships across the county.

We were delighted to host the event last year and are very much looking forward to being a sponsor this year and meeting some inspirational Apprentices. We are proud to sponsor the Special Recognition Award, which is an important Award as it recognises someone who has overcome challenges to achieve.

The Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards 2019 are open for entries and nominations until midnight on Friday 25th January. See the Awards page for details. Join us on Twitter for Oxfordshire Apprenticeships Hour (#OAHour) from 1pm every Thursday for latest on the Awards and join in the conversation using the hashtag #OAAwards2019.