Introducing Clarkson Evans, Apprenticeship Employer Award (250+ employees) sponsor

We are delighted to introduce electrical contractor and training specialist Clarkson Evans as the sponsor of the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards 2021 Apprenticeship Employer Award (250+ employees). Chief Operating Officer Lindsey Young explains why Apprenticeships are so important to the firm and what they're looking for in an award-winning Apprenticeship employer.

Tell us why you’re supporting the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards and why you have chosen to sponsor your particular category 

We’re right behind the need to promote Apprenticeships as a valuable career choice and raise the profile of opportunities available in Oxfordshire. Based on our previous involvement in the awards, we’ve seen how they showcase the best employers and providers and the high calibre of the county’s most talented Apprentices.

What are you looking for in the winner of your category?

A clear vision for the Apprenticeship program at the most senior level.

Evidence that Apprentices improve productivity, reduce recruitment costs and, in the longer term, reduce staff turnover and result in fewer skills related vacancies within your business. 

Diversity - Apprenticeships are also an effective way to increase diversity among the workforce, enabling businesses to reach out to an increased talent pool.

I want to see a company that genuinely cares for and supports their Apprentices no matter what the issue or the cost. Reviews are regularly carried out to discuss performance with their line manager. Their welfare is paramount and would like to see evidence that there are opportunities within the company past the Apprenticeship. Long term careers are considered by both parties - new Apprentice and the company - even before the apprenticeship begins.

I want to see a robust recruitment strategy that clearly maps out the route of the Apprenticeship in stages that is clear for the applicant to understand. If assessment days are part of this process, why are they beneficial and how can you prove that all are treated equal and fair throughout the process.

Training – as a good Apprentice employer you encourage your Apprentices to take their training days at college as serious as their employment and that there is regular contact between employer and training provider to ensure the Apprentice is achieving targets/goals.

Summary – I want to see a company that clearly understand what an Apprenticeship is all about, that Apprenticeships are the future, they benefit everyone and that the Apprentice is a member of the team and not just someone to be used for the short term.

What would you say to anyone thinking about entering or nominating?  

Entering the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards is a great opportunity to raise the profile of your achievements. Make sure you include plenty of details about the impact your Apprenticeship has had for you personally (if you’re an Apprentice) or or your organisation (if you’re a school or employer).

Tell us about your organisation’s experience of Apprenticeships

We employ over 250 electrical Apprentices in our business and over the years this training has played a fundamental part in our success story.

All of our Apprentices are trained in-house at our purpose-built centres and we offer them a long-term career with opportunities to progress into supervisory roles.

We recruit Apprentices at various times throughout the year and we’re keen for potential applicants to be well informed about the career opportunities available. Recruitment for our Oxford branch has always proved particularly challenging in comparison to other parts of the country as it seems there are regional differences regarding the popularity of Apprenticeships as a career choice for young people.

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