Introducing High Spec Composites, Small Apprenticeship Employer Award sponsor

We are delighted to introduce High Spec Composites as the sponsor of the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards 2018 'Small Apprenticeship Employer Award'. High Spec is a leading composites company supplying high-specification carbon fibre components to a range of industries worldwide, specialising in components for Formula One. Executive Director Sarah Jaycock explains why Apprenticeships are so important to the firm and what they're looking for in an Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Award-winning Apprenticeship employer...

Tell us about your Award category and what you’re looking for

As a small employer ourselves, we know how vital Apprentices can be to the growth and development of a small business. Apprentices have helped us to start and develop our small business; some have continued to work within the company and have become integral members of our team whereas others have moved onto other companies within the same industry and in turn have opened doors to new customers, suppliers and potential partners. Each of our Apprentices has worked hard to improve our facility and capabilities and continue to help us to operate in a cost-effective manner.

We are keen to showcase the benefits that Apprentices can bring to small businesses by celebrating the successes of local employers who do it well, which we also hope will encourage other small businesses to consider taking on Apprentices to help them grow.

Tell us about your organisation’s experience of Apprenticeships

High Spec were the winners of ‘Apprenticeship of the Year’ at the Cherwell Business Awards last year (pictured are Matt and Sarah with Apprenticeship Ambassador and Electrical Apprentice Zoe, who was part of the CBA winning Mondelez team in 2015). We have grown our team gradually over seven years of trading with Apprentices forming an integral part of our business plan and expansion. We have trained a number of advanced Apprentices since 2010, all of whom have either been offered full-time employment within our company upon completion or who have moved into exciting roles such as working for leading F1 teams.

What would you say to anyone thinking about entering or nominating?

We would strongly encourage anyone thinking about entering or nominating to go ahead and do so! As a small local business, we had no expectation of winning our Apprenticeship award last year but against all odds the trophy now sits proudly in our reception! Winning the award will not only serve to celebrate the importance of small businesses in the growth and development of Apprenticeships but also advertise the career opportunities available within small businesses in an unprecedented way. The time it takes to apply is nothing in comparison to how the award could benefit a company.

The Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards 2018 are open for entries and nominations until midnight on Friday 1st December. See the Awards page for details.