Introducing Popham Hairdressing, Apprenticeship Employer Award (<50 employees) sponsor

We are delighted to introduce Popham Hairdressing as the sponsor of the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards 2019 Apprenticeship Employer Award (<50 employees). 

Popham Hairdressing is Oxford’s Sassoon Professional Partner and the only UK hairdressing company to be awarded Champion Investor in People. They offer hair-cutting and a wide range of colour services in their three Oxford salons and lead in the delivery of higher standards of practice, craft skill, design and creativity. Popham believe that it’s a privilege to be trusted to change the way a person looks - even transform how they feel about themselves - and are committed to providing a true quality hairdressing service, through investment in the development of their team.

Company Director Shirley Popham explains what winning this Award in 2018 meant to them and why they are sponsoring it for 2019...

Winning the small Employer Apprenticeship Award 2018 has made a difference to Popham Hairdressing. Our industry has long been renowned for its poor treatment of Apprentices and so it’s a particular accolade to have won this award, having been nominated by our training provider.

We feel at Popham that we give our Apprentices the proper training, skills and attention to their Apprenticeship that is required. Our directors and training manager are on hand to support them, guide them and ensure our delivery of the Apprentice scheme is exemplary.

Wining this prestigious award for Oxfordshire has brought a higher influx of Apprenticeship applications to the business and in general, a calibre of young people who are enthusiastic and committed to taking on an Apprenticeship.

It has also brought clients and new business contacts though the award and so it’s our pleasure to announce that we will be sponsoring the Apprenticeship Employer Award (<50 employees) Category 2019.

The Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards 2019 are open for entries and nominations until midnight on Friday 25th January. See the Awards page for details. Join us for Oxfordshire Apprenticeships Hour (#OAHour) from 1pm every Thursday for latest on the Awards and join in the conversation using the hashtag #OAAwards2019.