Oxfordshire Labour Market Information 2018

The purpose of this labour market bulletin is to inform young people - and those that advise them - including teachers, parents, carers, careers advisors and others, of the employment trends and job opportunities available locally, now and in the future. As our economy grows, there is increased demand from local employers for people to fill jobs, alongside an increasing number of people who succeed in self-employment. Our aim is to broaden young people’s knowledge and understanding of our labour market, raise their aspirations and help them plan their career pathways based on high quality, locally relevant information.

This bulletin cannot prescribe a route to the ‘perfect job’. What it can do is help the reader to make informed choices, challenge preconceived labour market perceptions, encourage the consideration of alternative routes into a career, or inspire new career options not considered before. It aims to provide a better understanding of the local job market - what jobs are currently in demand, where shortages occur and how jobs are changing. It may help in making career decisions that are not solely based on potential earnings or prospects but on aligning interests, skills, aptitude, educational attainment and enjoyment to the right career choice.

You can download the whole report, or the individual sections of it, below:

If your organisation would like a specific LMI briefing please contact the Skills team at the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership at skills@oxfordshireLEP.com.