Support with employing an Apprentice

Employing an Apprentice can be a fantastic way to grow your business and develop your future workforce. It provides the opportunity to ‘grow your own’ talent and develop the right skills to meet the needs of your business. In any workplace, it’s rewarding to grow your own talent and watch them progress from trainee to a key part of your team. Apprenticeship training is available for hundreds of job roles and is flexible to suit the needs of your business.

Whether you’re considering employing an Apprentice to start growing your small business, or your organisation pays the Apprenticeship Levy and you’re looking to introduce or develop a new Apprenticeship scheme, we can help. Our team provide one to one support for businesses, where we’ll talk you through the process and help you identify the right sort of Apprenticeship and training provider to meet your needs.

New boutique private client law firm The Burnside Partnership were keen to take on an Apprentice, so partner Fiona Wheeler contacted OxLEP Skills for some advice. The firm employed their first Apprentice Chloe around six weeks after they opened for business. Fiona says: “We are very grateful to OxLEP Skills for their help in getting us started as an Apprentice employer. Chloe is an outstanding Apprentice and has worked tirelessly to build on her skills and knowledge and to contribute to our team.”

Visit our employers page to find out more about the support we can offer.

Email us at skills@oxfordshirelep.com and we’ll help you get started.