Training Providers

A training provider is the organisation that will provide the formal qualification bit of your Apprenticeship, which gives you the theory to support the practical learning you're doing in the workplace. You won't necessarily need to spend time learning 'off the job' as you can be assessed in the workplace for some roles.

How to find a training provider

You can search the National Apprenticeship Service website to find a training provider that offers the Apprenticeship you're interested in. Finding the right training provider is key to the success of any Apprenticeship. Your training provider does not have to be based in Oxfordshire, though there are a number of 'local' providers including further education colleges and specialist training organisations. 

If you are an employer you can search here to find a training provider to meet your needs, or contact us and we will help you.

If you are thinking about applying for an Apprenticeship, you should find that there is already a training provider in place for any Apprenticeship you apply for, but contact us if you or your prospective employer need more information.

How we work with training providers

We hope training providers will make full use of this site to enable you to promote your local provision, and work with us to keep on growing Apprenticeships in Oxfordshire.

We will:

  • Promote any vacancies you have registered on the National Apprenticeship Service website
  • Keep you posted on information about employer and school events across the county
  • Feature your case studies, events or news you have
  • Ensure employers who contact us know about you
  • Ensure policy and funding changes are publicised
  • Provide news on local skills policies and plans and opportunities for you to contribute to strategy development

All we ask in return...

  • Let us know if your offer or contact details change
  • Let us have any good case studies you have
  • Let us have your ideas for Apprenticeship promotion

The more providers who do this, the better we can see how the balance and mix of Apprenticeship provision looks across the county and identify opportunities for growth and change.