Apprenticeship Ambassadors share their views on the future of Oxfordshire

Apprenticeship Ambassadors Usaamah (BMW MINI Plant Oxford), Ellie (Blenheim), Ed (Nielsen) and Leona (OxLEP) took part in a film made by Oxfordshire Voice looking at how the next generation view Oxfordshire, how it could be improved and their hopes for the future. 

They talked about the importance of environmental issues, including solar panels and driverless cars, as well as the importance of gaining the skills that Oxfordshire needs for the future. 

"I think one thing that's really important is that we build up skills whilst we're at school and we're still learning, that we can take forward for the future of Oxfordshire." Leona, PR & Comms Apprentice, OxLEP

The film was shown at business networking and showcase event Business In Oxford, which took place on 6th June at MINI Plant Oxford. Ellie and Ed also took part in discussions as part of the panel in a workshop on engaging the next generation, which was led by Leona and Marie Giraud, Event Sales & Communications Manager at Ashmolean Museum. The session was sponsored by NXT, a business network for under 30s run by B4.