Dana's work experience with Oxfordshire Apprenticeships

It was a week well spent with the Oxfordshire Apprenticeships team whilst I was on my work experience!

I really enjoyed taking part in many different events and meeting many different people. Within this week, I’ve experienced some very intriguing tasks and also some less exciting ones, but I believe that it is exactly what the team experiences every week as part of the job.

Personally, I enjoyed every aspect of my work experience and am glad that I did not change my placement.

When visiting the businesses that took part in the Apprenticeship Launchpad, I understood that there are a lot of choices to make when searching for a career and the multiple ways it can shape your future.

During the week, I learnt how to use various programs on the computer. For example, I had a look at the database that is used for entering Work Experience forms into the computer, the program that is used to create charts and infographics (piktochart) as well as a program used to enter delegates that have attended certain events (Dynamics).

I’d like to say a big thank you to the Oxfordshire Apprenticeships staff for allowing me to be involved in so many important events and meeting many people as well as being very supportive and helpful!

See a summary of my week on Storify. 

Dana, Year 10, The Oxford Academy