Meet Jake, Apprentice Sports Coach with Ignite Sport UK

Jason Ho, in year 11 at Cherwell School, interviewed Jake Halliday to find out all about his experience of being an Apprentice Sports Coach.

Jake Halliday, 18, is currently doing a Level 3 Sports Coaching Apprenticeship with Ignite Sport UK. He has been doing the Apprenticeship since September 2014.

Jake went to King Alfred’s Academy in Wantage before starting his Apprenticeship. As a student of this sport-based academy, he developed an interest in the sporting field. “It has been my dream job to become a PE teacher since year 8, but I had no idea how to achieve this.” he said. “However, with Ignite’s Apprenticeship, my aim is clearer and more achievable.”

Jake’s academic results were not ideal for him to continue his studies at King Alfred’s Academy. Luckily with some advice, the idea of doing an Apprenticeship at Ignite popped up to his mind and so he applied for it – and got it!

During weekdays, Jake receives theory lessons on Mondays and Fridays. He goes to different schools (mostly primary schools) to teach children PE. He was supervised for the first half of the year and could work on his own for the second half. Jake shared an interesting experience of going back to his primary school and teaching schoolmates who actually recognise him. They kept calling him ‘Jake’ as a joke while he insisted to have them calling him ‘Mr Halliday’. The shift from being a student to being a teacher is so quick that it took time for him to get use to it.

What are the benefits of doing an Apprenticeship for Jake? First, he gained experiences and skills relevant to the sporting field. This enhances his ability to work in the same field in the future. Also, he learned how to properly communicate with adults, which helps with achieving goals more efficiently. Moreover, he acquired leadership skills through teaching children, this helps increasing efficiency of work in a group. In addition, he’s had a decent amount of salary through the scheme. “You earn extra if you work extra” he expressed. An additional benefit of doing the Apprenticeship is he can get the same qualifications through an alternative method. 

Jake is hoping to be employed by Ignite in the future. He also points out a few routes to take after the Apprenticeship. He explains that you can still go to university after finishing an Apprenticeship. Job opportunities are available too. Being a PE teacher or a personal trainer is his dream yet to come true, but he is getting closer and closer thanks to his Apprenticeship.