Meet Reprographics Apprentice Jordan, who's designing and printing our Awards certificates

We were delighted and extremely grateful when the University of Oxford Reprographics Team offered to support the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards by donating their time, skills and resources to produce our printed materials.

It means even more to us because the team’s Apprentice, 19 year old Jordan Morris, is designing, as well as printing, the invitations and certificates. Jordan is also designing the artwork for the trophies that will be awarded to the winning Apprentices.

Jordan says: “It’s so nice to be given the opportunity to show how well an Apprenticeship can bring someone on and develop their skills! I will be so proud when the winning Apprentices receive the certificates that I’ve designed for them. It’s great to be able to produce something that makes them feel proud and also celebrates how fantastic Apprenticeships are!”

Jordan has always been interested in design and print, so after completing GCSEs at Warriner School in Bloxham, she took a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Graphic Design at Banbury College. She then started an HND but didn’t feel that it was taking her career in the direction that she wanted to go.

Jordan enjoyed the printing aspect of her design work and decided to look for an Apprenticeship that would enable her to develop her skills in that area. She spotted the Apprenticeship opportunity with the Reprographics Team at the University of Oxford and as soon as she read about the role, she knew it was what she wanted to do. Jordan successfully applied for the post and started her Reprographics Apprenticeship on 7th November 2016.

Jordan’s role involves producing all sorts of printed material, including postcards, wedding invitations and 10 different sorts of folded leaflet to name but a few! She’s also learned how to bind books in various sizes, which she’s particularly proud of.

Jordan says: “I have already learned so much! I wanted to start doing stuff, not just sitting and learning. Every day is different and I learn something new every day. All the machines do different things and I’ve loved finding out all about what they can do! I’ve also achieved my first aid and health and safety training.”

The Reprographics Team are delighted to have Jordan on board and are extremely supportive and encouraging as she learns the ropes.

Jordan says: “I felt really at home straight away. Everyone was so lovely towards me. I don’t feel under pressure and they don’t look down on me if I make a mistake, they say it’s a good way to learn! They make a thing of my achievements, which makes me feel good and proud of what I’ve learned. I’ve never been a confident person, but my confidence has gone up by miles since I’ve started my Apprenticeship. It’s nice to feel part of something, like there’s a purpose to what I’m doing and I go home every day feeling great. I love being part of a team – actually they’re more of a family than a team!”

“I like making people happy and I love seeing the look on people’s faces when they are pleased with something I’ve produced. Some tasks are more interesting than others, but even if I’m just folding a huge box of leaflets, it’s still satisfying to know that someone will soon be reading and learning from that leaflet.”

Jordan has some tops tips for young people considering their future careers and whether or not an Apprenticeship is for them…

She says: “Don’t think you have to go to uni to get somewhere. If you have a skill that you want to develop, don’t feel under pressure just to gain qualifications to get there. An Apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to learn through working and get qualifications at the same time. It gives you a good entrance to the working world.”

“If you’re confused about what to do – try something! It gives you the opportunity to try something new that you haven’t done before and can help you build your career and open up opportunities for you.”

“I was confused and felt that I was taking a risk by deciding not to continue with my HND and look for an Apprenticeship instead. But I knew that it wasn’t right for me and now having started my Apprenticeship, I’m happy every day and I’m heading in the right direction for what I want to do. Don’t rush yourself and don’t feel that you have to make a final decision now about what you want to do for the rest of your life.”

Find out more about Apprenticeships at the University of Oxford at: www.apprenticeships.ox.ac.uk

Jordan is pictured below with Chris, Andy, Helen and Bob of the University of Oxford Reprographics Team.