My GCSE results day by Emily Bampton, Relationship Management Apprentice at NatWest

Apprenticeship Ambassador Emily Bampton is a Relationship Management Apprentice at NatWest in Oxford. She’s very excited to be featured in The Oxford Times GCSE Results Day supplement today to help young people who are getting their results this summer make an informed decision about their first career step.

Emily (pictured right with Branch Manager Sarah Higton) says: “My top tip is don’t freak out! Whatever happens it can be dealt with, I guarantee it’s not the end of the world! If the sun is still in the sky and there is oxygen still in the air then everything is fine. Take a deep breath and make a plan.”

Emily’s GCSE results day plan involved a laptop, a wifi hotspot and a rainy hilltop in Wales…

“I got a C in English but needed a B to take one of my chosen subjects at A Level and was leaving for Wales that same day. So I tried to make the case to a teacher but they said I’d just have to pick something else. However I’m very stubborn so I thought I’d give it one last crack, so I grabbed my laptop, I got in the car and headed to a campsite in Wales. With the help of my parents, I composed a fantastic email on the 3hr car journey and copied in everyone of authority in the school. When we arrived I proceeded to sit on a small hill by the side of the road, turn my mobile into a wifi hotspot, connect my laptop to my phone and send the email while sheltering my laptop from the rain. They let me take the subject!”

“However, I ended up leaving after 4 months as I found that A-levels weren’t for me. Funny how things work out! Remember, this is just the first step for you and you may well change your mind along the way – that’s ok!”

“I wanted to continue my education as well as starting my career and have always enjoyed working and earning on top of learning so an Apprenticeship was the perfect option. I’m now doing a job a love - I’ve helped with organising seminars, arranging meetings, preparing briefs, research projects and everything in between – all while learning about banking and keeping up with studying for a Chartered Banker Certificate and a Level 3 NVQ.”

“I like what I’m doing at the moment but I’m ambitious and this is a big company where I could find any number of things I’m passionate about down the line.”

“My advice is to have a look at what’s out there then if you see something interesting, go for it! Apply! The worst case is that you’ve gained experience in applying for a job in a field of your interest. Maybe it’s even led to interview experience which will help you no matter what you do. The best case is that you get offered the job.”

Read more about Emily at: http://www.oxfordshireapprenticeships.co.uk/node/3114.