My proudest moments as an Apprentice by Apprenticeship Ambassador Katie Harvey

Today (Wednesay 6th March) is #AskAnApprentice day, so we asked Apprenticeship Ambassador Katie, an Electical Apprentice at Darke & Taylor, what her proudest moment has been so far, both as an Apprentice and as an Apprenticeship Ambassador...

“My proudest moment so far as an Apprenticeship Ambassador. I went to give some presentations in a school on the construction industry. There was this one class I was warned about. I was told there was a young man who was likely to disrupt the class and wouldn’t interact with any questions. At the end of the presentation, the only person asking questions was this young man. He seemed so interested! It was almost as though he’d been told he was going to fail and I’d just given him a possible route for his future. The teacher even commented on it at the end of the lesson saying that he has never seen the young man so engaged in something. I felt like I’d made a difference to someone’s life. It felt good.”

“My proudest moment at work. This one day at work there wasn’t much left for me to do. But the distribution board still needed to be connected up, so I turned round and asked if I could do it. My supervisor wasn’t sure at first as this isn’t usually something he’d let an Apprentice do, but I was confident and told him I could do it. Once I’d finished he came to have a look at it as well as some other people (who didn’t know I did it) and they all made comments about how good it looked and that it looked like it was done by someone who was qualified. I’m not going to lie, being compared to a qualified electrician made me quite smug!”

Katie is visiting her former school - Matthew Arnold School in Oxford - tomorrow to inspire the next generation of Apprentices through a series of workshops.

See Katie talking about why she loves her job in our new video.