Nairne Barker

Nairne has recently completed a Business Admin Apprenticeship, working as an Administrative Support Officer in the Directors Office for Childrens Services at Oxfordshire County Council (OCC). She started 6th form after completing her GCSEs but realised it wasn't for her. She left after 8 months to start her Level 3 Apprenticeship.

Why did you choose to do an Apprenticeship?

I was studying for my A Levels at The Bicester School and although I was enjoying the social aspect of post 16 education, I was ready to get more ‘hands on’ with my career. I had chosen to study English Language, Business Studies and Psychology for my A Levels, however business had become my main interest. I then started researching Business Apprenticeships within Oxfordshire, when I came across one within the Directors Office for Childrens Services.

How did you find out about your Apprenticeship?

Through the gov.uk website.

What have you gained from your Apprenticeship?

Since starting my Apprenticeship, my confidence and knowledge has increased massively. Before starting in my role, I hadn’t even stepped foot into an office, however, now I am able to confidently network my way through my large organisation in a professional manner.

Something I was worried about when leaving school was that I wouldn’t make any new friends at work due the age gap, but I was so wrong, I have made some amazing friends through networking at OCC, that I would have never of met if it wasn’t through work.

What do you plan to do next? How will your Apprenticeship help you achieve this?

Since finishing my Apprenticeship early in May, I have secured a full-time job within the Council. My Apprenticeship helped me massively as I knew that my organisation had invested a lot of time into my personal development and I wanted to show that within the recruitment process.

What advice would you give a young person who might be thinking about an Apprenticeship?

If anyone was thinking about applying for an Apprenticeship, I would really encourage them to do so. The recruitment process isn’t as easy as you may first think, but being able to study whilst getting paid is incredible. Apprenticeships are a great starting route into your career!

How do you feel about becoming an Apprenticeship Ambassador?

I am really excited to become an Ambassador, I have recently become an Ambassador within my own organisation and I am keen to develop my skills, and reach a wider audience of young people and share my story to other young people that may be in the same position I was. I also want to clear up any misconceptions that people may have about Apprenticeships!