Rachel Hughes

Rachel completed A Levels at John Mason School in Abingdon before starting her Level 3 Social Media Apprenticeship with Oxfordshire County Council in August 2018. 

Why did you choose to do an Apprenticeship?

I decided that university was not what I wanted to do and that I would like to gain hands on experience.

How did you find out about your Apprenticeship?

Job hunting around, I found out about my role on the gov.uk website.

What have you gained from your Apprenticeship?

  • How to work in an office based environment with people of all ages from different backgrounds.
  • Using Hootsuite and updating the OXME website.
  • Producing content which interests my target audience.
  • Learning to produce professional emails and replying to queries from the public.

What do you plan to do next?

I aim to pursue a career in marketing, preferably in the beauty industry.

How will your Apprenticeship help you achieve this?

My Apprenticeship will help me gain both the knowledge and qualifications I need to allow me to reach my next steps.

What advice would you give a young person who might be thinking about an Apprenticeship?

I would highly recommend an Apprenticeship because it’s such a great experience where you get to learn while you earn, and meet new people who have the knowledge to help you in your role . In addition, it also allows you to become comfortable with the working life, which to me has been beneficial and rewarding.

What advice would you give an employer who is thinking about employing an Apprentice?

Just do it! I think it is a great to be able to give  an Apprentice the opportunity to gain hands on experience in the working environment.

How do you feel about becoming an Apprenticeship Ambassador?

I feel privileged to be invited to become an Apprenticeship Ambassador and I am looking forward to seeing what the future as an ambassador brings.