Keep calm on results day say Apprenticeship Ambassadors

“So it’s the moment you have all been waiting for, finally, the day for your exam results is soon approaching, whether you are undergoing your GCSE exams or A Levels, it is now time to showcase all of that hard work you have been putting in and let your results do the talking.” says Ed Pereira, a Degree Apprentice with Oxford-based, global market research company Nielsen.

“The best advice I have been given for exam days is simply to relax, enjoy and get a good night’s sleep before the big days. Why? Simply because, if you have planned, prepared and know you have worked your hardest leading up to this important day, then this will show.”

“Further advice for young people which I definitely try to say as much as possible is keep your options open! We are in an era where post school opportunities have never been so vast. Whether you are looking to travel, go to university, work, or combine them both through an accelerated programme such as a Degree Apprenticeship, do some research to find the right choice for you.”

Emma Hancock, Apprentice Software Engineer at Science and Technology Facilities Council, offers some advice for when things don’t quite go to plan. She says: “Don't panic, make sure that you stay calm if your results were not what you expected and then go through the next steps that you can take. Sometimes not getting the results you wanted isn’t always a bad thing and can make you think about different career options that you haven’t considered before.”

Rachel Hughes, a Social Media Apprentice at Oxfordshire County Council says: “Stay calm! It really isn’t the end of the world, even if it feels like it, there are always pathways to get you to your final destinations.”

“If you don't do as well as you planned there is always an alternative option around the corner. Celebrate your results - you worked hard on them so make sure you recognise that!” says Tiffany Pedley, a Consumer Insights Apprentice at Nielsen.

Getting results this summer? Check out the oxme.info results day page for top tips, advice and details of local support available to you.