GCSE results day advice and top tips from the Apprenticeship Ambassadors

As students across the county collect their GCSE results today and make all important decisions about their futures, our Apprenticeship Ambassadors look back on what they’ve learned and share some top tips and words of advice.

Don’t be afraid to be different

Hannah Maughan: My top tip would be to never let the pressures of school impact your future, don’t be afraid to be different and make the change of doing an Apprenticeship. There are so many opportunities relating to an Apprenticeship, you shouldn’t let anyone else’s opinions come in the way of your future!

Nadira Hussain: My advice would be to not be pressured by family/friends to go to college or university.

It’s your choice

Kelly Monaghan: When weighing up my options between an Apprenticeship and A Levels (then university), I was not certain that the A Level route would lead onto a job. As a result of this I leaned more towards the Apprenticeship route.

People tend to think that the only way to become successful is doing A Levels and completing a degree, whereas, I completely disagree. Once you become an Apprentice the sky is your limit. Therefore, when making the decision that determines your future, ensure that you have weighed up all of your options fully and do not allow your opinions to be influenced by other people.

Find something that interests you

Tobias Gibb: I would strongly advise people to make sure they look for something they are interested in and not just choosing something because they’re getting paid. Make sure you look into the Apprenticeship in detail so you can find out if you’re going to get what you need to reach your next step. You have to be committed and work hard, but it’ll be worth it.

Be realistic

Mat Thomas: My dream has always been to be an actor, I’ve always wanted to be on stage. But I didn’t just want to work in a coffee shop waiting for that ‘yes’ one day when I might get famous. I might need money one day, for example if I have a family. After my four year Apprenticeship I will be fully qualified at the age of 21. I can still do some acting and I will always have my trade and my qualifications under my belt.

Don’t give up on your dreams, but be realistic. Sit down and think about what you’re doing and the decisions you’re making.

Be persistent

Katherine Mordecai: If your results aren’t what you were expecting don’t give up. Keep looking as you will find something you can do. There are various levels of Apprenticeships where you can start your career.

Leanne Daniel: Do not get discouraged if you do not get the first Apprenticeship that you apply for. There are hundreds around Oxfordshire which will allow you to undertake similar roles. It is rare that anyone gets the very first role that they apply for, so always keep applying even if you are initially unsuccessful. It will also get easier and easier for you the more times you repeat it.

Don’t panic!

Amy Elrington: The one thing I would say about results days is that it is really not the end of the world if you don’t get the results you’re are hoping for. I have changed my mind loads since my GCSEs and I am still changing my mind now. Sound’s clichéd but everything happens for a reason.