Results day 2021 advice and top tips from the Apprenticeship Ambassadors

As students across the county collect their A Level and GCSE results this week and make all important decisions about their futures, our Apprenticeship Ambassadors look back on what they’ve learned and share some top tips and words of advice. It's been a challenging year for young people and the Ambassadors are keen to share their experiences to help reassure this year's leavers. 

You are not alone

Rachel Hughes, Social Media Apprentice, Oxfordshire County Council: Results day can cause so many different feelings and emotions and it can feel very overwhelming, but it's important to remember that you are not alone - there so many other young people in the same position as you and support is always available.

If things don't work out how you'd hoped, take time out, let your emotions sink in and remind yourself that everything happens for a reason and that there is always another route to guide you to your next steps or dream destination.

There are always alternatives

Josh Self, Level 6 Degree Apprentice, NielsenIQ: Despite whatever your results are, there are always fantastic alternatives that you may not have even considered. Sometimes an unexpected change in direction can be the best thing that happens as you can broaden your knowledge in areas of the working or educational world that you may excel at more than your original choice.

What will be will be and there is no point putting your body through stress and anxiety for something that you can’t change once everything is submitted.

It will all work out ok!

Ryan Smith, ICT Business Analyst, Thames Valley Police: My GCSE results day was nothing like what I had expected. Since joining secondary school I’d always imagined I’d finish my GCSEs and sit my A Levels in the same school with the same group of people around me that I grew up with. It didn’t quite work out like that! I went on to study an Extended Diploma in Business Studies at a new school, achieving a DDM before applying to multiple Apprenticeships. I decided to go down the Apprenticeship route and have never looked back. Along the way I have achieved multiple industry standard qualifications as well as a second diploma; I am even studying a degree now myself through The Open University. Read Ryan’s GCSE results day story.

Your results shouldn’t stop you following your career goals

Ellie Knight, Business Administration Apprentice, University of Oxford: I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect on results day. I got one result that I was very disappointed and I cried once in the car! However, I got two good results that I was very surprised to have got, so in my mind that made up for the bad result. Overall, I was happy with my results and knew that they would help me move onto my next step.

My top results day tips are:

  • Be positive – getting one bad result shouldn’t stop you from being positive about the good results.
  • Remember that GCSEs and A Levels are not the be-all or end-all of life. Not getting the results you hoped for shouldn’t stop you from following your career goals and dreams.

My tips for finding Apprenticeships are:

  • The GOV.UK website is great for finding Apprenticeships and it always has a variety of choices on there.
  • The Not Going to Uni website also has a good choice of Apprenticeships.
  • Alternatively, if you have a particular company you want to work for, have a look on their website or even send them an email to ask about Apprenticeships.